Google Remarketing

Convert more of the traffic you're already paying for ...

Over 90% of visitors neither buy nor contact you the first time they visit your website


This means that in order to capture the large group of potential visitors who don't 'bite' in the first place, you have to influence them continuously afterwards.

That's why we create ad campaigns that pull some of those customers back again. With continuous targeting, leads become warmer.

We have the ads made to fit the right formats that Google uses in their display network.


We take care of the ads so they have a high conversion rate


A group of enticing ads will be used that customers can't resist, preferably containing some of the USPs that your company offers. Where are you unique? Where do you make a difference? Where do you want to go? What should we focus on together?

We keep you informed with "Live" reporting


Things move fast. That's why Adword Vision looks at your campaigns every week. We even look at some things daily. It's important to adjust, correct and create all the time, to ensure the quality we strive for.

You get a unique URL where you can constantly keep an eye on what's happening. This is also in relation to the goals that have been set.