Google Ads Advertising

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We are your digital marketing partner, focused on creating profit


We value our future collaboration as very important. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing our clients grow in size and revenue because the campaigns on Google are running at a high quality.

We know what it takes. We collaborate and share knowledge with others in the industry in a closed community of specialists.

We always start with a jamboard meeting, where we get to understand your business behind the scenes


We lay out a marketing strategy where we go after the low hanging fruit first. It's all about achieving your business goals. And we'll be honest about whether the goals are realistic. We need a 3 month trial period to uncover and discover the exciting possibilities.

We keep you informed with "Live" reporting


Things move fast. That's why Adword Vision looks at your campaigns every week. We even look at some things daily. It's important to adjust, correct and create all the time, to ensure the quality we strive for.

You get a unique URL where you can constantly keep an eye on what's happening. This is also in relation to the goals that have been set.

Keyword analysis is highly valued


That' s not just in the beginning. It's something we work on continuously, to find new words and follow trends. We use several systems to find the right words and of course we catch some of the best ones, which ensure we get sensible and relevant traffic.

That's why we're called Adword Vision. Good keywords and foresight are vital to great campaigns.

Your website matters


Adword Vision looks at whether there are good landing pages to receive traffic. And we look at whether the right language is spoken to the different customer groups.

If you don't want to update the website yourself, we can do it for you.

This is an important process, so we don't waste all that purchased traffic.