Adword Vision Dashboard

You get a link to a "live" report

Do you want to know your results?

At Adword Vision you get access to 'Live' reporting. Nothing else is good enough for you as a customer, as things change at lightning speed when it comes to Google Ads.

You will be able to follow all the common stats, but also the goals that you have set together with the Adword specialist. 

This dashboard is also a working tool for Adword Vision, where a similar screen is set up in the office so that campaigns can be monitored and adjusted on a daily basis.

Do we need to expand your Adword Vision Dashboard?

In addition to Google Ads, we can extend your dashboard to track general search optimization and website traffic. In addition, there are many other options. For example, we can also set up a window that shows the chats that have come to the website during the day.


You can also have a screen set up in your office

Alternatively, you just follow the numbers from your PC continuously.