Electricity report

An electrical report is prepared after a thorough review of the home's electrical installations performed by an authorized electrician. Contact us for a good price on our package offer which includes both electricity report, condition report and energy label. We are nationwide to bridged islands.

What does an electricity report cover?

An electrical report is prepared after a professional inspection of the installations in the home.

The report helps to secure the buyer and seller against unforeseen financial surprises in connection with a home sale as the electricity report provides clarity about any faults and deficiencies in the electrical installations.

The electricity report is part of the house inspection scheme and, in combination with the condition report, is a prerequisite for a change of ownership insurance to be taken out.

That is why we always advise the seller

… As a minimum, to have both an electrical installation report and condition report prepared. All housing types can have an electrical report prepared, the only requirement is that it is prepared by an authorized electrician. The inspection does not only include the home itself, but in addition also any carports, garages, sheds, etc.

Call now on tel. +45 88 44 20 08 and hear more about our prices. We examine the entire home and prepare a thorough and well-written report. We also offer a package consisting of condition report, energy labeling and electricity report so you are covered.

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Many times things have to go fast when it comes to selling a house, for example. We are quick to come.

And then it does not matter that the price is affordable.




We have a high quality

Our reports are known to be thorough. It is easy for the homeowner to correct any errors afterwards when the material is well documented.


We are flexible

This is because our employees have the time they need to help customers. There is always time to answer questions when we come out.




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