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A lot of money is lost to Google if the campaign is not done well enough
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Google Ads Specialist

A good working relationship is important


We'll find the path to success. The initial dialogue starts with me getting to know your company and the revenue channels being used today. Here we also align expectations. Afterwards, we set goals so that the collaboration is good and, not least, long-lasting.


We work with all paid advertising on Google

Google Ads Bureau

Google Search Ads

The regular "Ad" links you see at the top of a google search. Based on thorough keyword and competitor analysis, we find what gets results

YouTube Advertising - Adword Vision

Google is also YouTube

Small time-limited videos can make a huge difference if placed correctly. We have photographers available if you do not want to use your existing material

Google Ahopping advertising with Adword Vision

Do you have tangible products that need to sell quickly?

Optimisation is ongoing, so you're among the top in searches. Years of experience in the retail sector makes a difference when Adword Vision sets up campaigns

Where should we work?

We can work in your company if desired, against payment of driving allowance of course


A safe strategy

I run 3 months test. After that we will meet and discuss the way forward.

Everything is connected

We also look at your website - it must be ready to "receive" the traffic.

We offer management of Google Ads campaigns worldwide

This type of marketing is not geographically limited.

If you already have campaigns running, we would like to take a look at them as well. However, keyword analysis etc. is still done to ensure that the quality is optimal in the campaigns running.


Contact your Google Ads Specialist - We help companies in all industries

Do you have questions about our services or something completely different? We are happy to advise you on which optimizations we can help you with. You are very welcome to contact us on tel. 2320 1111. 

Are you offering a cup of coffee? Then I'll drop by! 

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